Steve Green


David Imray


Phillipa Caddy


Pete Ansell



Steve Green has led the trombone section for many years. An excellent
 and respected player who has guided the section into a smooth, superb and
 successful team. His rendition of the Tommy Dorsey classics really need to
 be heard. He certainly does the instrument justice, and is a great asset  to the


David Imray - Often fondly referred to as "hot lips" has also been with
the band for some considerable time. Working his way through the ranks, he  
now does most of the jazz solos. A quiet, steady, reliable and sincere musician,
 he remains a stalwart of  the trombone section.


Phillipa Caddy is also a founder/member of the Band. She is a
multi-instrumentalist, and was originally in the saxophone section. She
also plays Tuba and the electric Bass, and is an insatiable musician,
holding a BA Hons. in Art. is an indispensable member of the Band.


Pete Ansell an old friend for many years has returned to the Band
with a new bass trombone after spending some years in Portugal. We
are delighted to welcome him back, and  enjoy the rich and mellow
tones of his instrument. He has a colourful history, having played
with orchestras in Zimbabwe and Portugal, after retiring from his
dental practice.

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