The Les Paul Big Band


            Meet the players




                    Lead Alto

Mick Williams

                    2nd Alto

Sally Kay

                 Lead Tenor

George Levy

                  2nd Tenor

Anna Jordanous


Les Paul


Mick Williams is a founder/member of the Band, having started
with the first sextet. He has led the band on lead alto for over 20 years,
 and has recently moved over to the lead tenor sax chair which he shares
 with George. Mick can coax a beautiful sound out of any saxophone, 
clarinet or flute he picks up.


Sally Kay  is a recent delightful newcomer to the Band.  She also
 attended the Trinity College of Music, leaving with a Fellowship
 Diploma, and taught woodwind in London for 10  years. She is an
 excellent and fearless saxophone and clarinet player, and is equally
 adept at the piano.


George Levy is possibly one the most respected musicians in Brighton.
 He holds an FTCL Trinity College degree, and also taught at Trinity College,   
 London. For years he was heavily involved with musical education in the
 schools in Brighton. He is a multi-instrumentalist, and is equally versatile
 on the clarinet, tenor and soprano saxes, flute, piano and the electric bass.


Anna Jordanous has been principally a flautist/piccolo player for 
over 20 years, and only recently moved over to the saxophone range. She
also is an excellent musician. She has joined us recently whilst still studying
for a PHD in musical creativity. She also plays for numerous other groups
at Jazz Festivals and musical theatre.


Les Paul   much has already been said, except that it is over 50 years
since he started on clarinet in a Dixieland jazz band as a self-taught musician.
Since then, he has worked his way through the whole family of saxophones from
soprano to alto to tenor and finally settled on baritone as leader of
this excellent band.

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