The Les Paul Big Band


             About the Band


Les, who was a chartered consulting engineer by profession, started  a
band about 25 years ago as a quartet with some other co-engineers in his
office. This soon expanded to a sextet, then an octet and before long, the
full big band format, with 5 saxes, 4 trumpets, 4 trombones and a  4
piece rhythm section.
For many years, the band ran its own very successful ballroom dance
 evenings at the King Alfred Ballroom in Hove, while playing for all
types of functions - at all types of venues all over the Sussex area.
The band has a wide repertoire of music, and covers all styles from
Glenn Miller to James Last and Count Basie to Duke Ellington. All
in all, the band has 5 different libraries, and is always able to find
the appropriate music to suit the occasion; Jazz,  Swing, Dixieland
and Ballroom Dance music are the Bands'  favorites, with a dash
of  Country and Western.
Les normally fronts the Band whilst playing Baritone Saxophone, but
in recent  times has handed the running of the Band over to his son Steven.
who plays in the trumpet section.


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