How we normally conduct out engagements


Our first rule is to be flexible and to arrange the entertainment completely
around the requirements of the occasion. We are always ready to help in
planning the event, be it a wedding or a formal dinner/dance.

We assess the type of music most suitable for the age group concerned, and
often discuss the playlist with the client. We include any favourites as may be
requested, and schedule the music around any speeches or presentations that
may be made.

We are always impeccably and formally dressed for the occasion. dinner
jackets for the gents and black trouser suits for the ladies of the Band. Pam,
our feature vocalist, is a connoisseur of the finest ball gowns imaginable, and
as a true professional, invariably has at least one complete change during the

Our evening engagements normally start around 8.00 to 8.30, and conclude
at 11.00 to 11.30. Two short breaks are taken during the evening for our refreshment,
and to allow for speeches, raffles and the like. For indoor functions, we normally
provide our own P.A. equipment, and can also provide an M.C (Master of
Ceremonies) services as may be required.

All music played is read from formal orchestrations, many of them being
originals, with each musician reading from his/her individual score. Every note
is rehearsed beforehand, and most songs and tunes are indistinguishable from
the original recordings which made them popular in the first place. Good lighting
on the stage or playing area, is therefore essential.

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