Rhythm Section



John Woodward


Nick Gledon


Harry Hogg


Derek Roberts


John Woodward undoubtedly one of the finest and most accurate bass
players for miles around. He can only be adequately described as '
'metronomic' and has been leading the rhythm section for well over 15 years.
 He often plays Tuba in the small Dixieland Band within the main Band,
 and also sings the Sinatra standards and other ballads. A great asset to the band.

Nick Gledon has had a lifetime of experience as a pianist in the Count Basie
 tradition. He has joined us recently, whilst still playing with numerous other
 groups. He is always in great demand in the Eastbourne area, and we are
delighted  to have him onboard.

Harry Hogg is also a founder/member of the Band and an old work
colleague of Les's, who started out with the first sextet. Harry is still a
highly qualified consulting engineer with a Masters Degree, and often has to
dash off to the Middle-East on lucrative contracts. He sits quietly in the
rhythm section and provides an excellent backing for the frontline instruments.

Derek Roberts a recent chance meeting promptly resulted in an invitation
 to Derek to come and join us. We are delighted that he accepted the offer, and
 he is now a major contributor to the rhythm section, musically  laying down
the beat upon which the Band flourishes. Considerable energy and  dedication
are in abundance here, as are his forays into the  worlds of Louie Bellson and
Gene Krupa!

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